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by Amira Carter I Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

The good news for those who are partial to vaping is that most e-cigarettes are indeed vegan friendly in that they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Is vape juice vegan?

Yes! We have a wide selection of vape juice suitable for vegans. All of our e-liquids are vegan with the exception of our flavors Marmarita, Hummingbird Fuel and The Bee's Knees. These three flavors contain flavoring that has been extracted from honey.

Can vegans vape glycerin?

Glycerin made from vegetables is called vegetable glycerin and it's totally vegan safe. This is the type that is used in e-liquid manufacture so you shouldn't have to worry about VG in your vape juice. While we're on the topic, if you want a good laugh, check out this ejuice review of a "Crab Juice" flavored e-liquid.

Who are the Black Vegans who inspire you?

Here are 31 Black vegans who will absolutely inspire you: R&B singer and viral sensation Jade Novah has a serious commitment to animal rights. When a leather company approached her for an endorsement deal, she turned it down, saying, “I won’t endorse anything that is not vegan-friendly.” Now that’s music to our ears.

Are there any celebrities who are vegan?

And although there are many celebrities who lead plant-based lifestyles, veganism is certainly not sustainable or practical for everyone. Here are some celebrities who have spoken about changing their vegan diet: Liam Hemsworth said he gave up a vegan diet after he dealt with a health complication. Liam Hemsworth no longer follows a vegan diet.

Who runs Kai's Virgin Vapor?

Where is Rebecca from the Vegan Review?

What are the ingredients in e-liquid?

What is the color of e-liquid?

Why are bees used in cigarettes?

How long did monkeys inhale cigarette smoke?

Why are animal models unreliable?

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Are Vapes vegan friendly?

While you would think that with the same basic constituents found in all vape juice--flavorings, nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and maybe some added color or sweetener or other additives here and there--that most e-liquids would be vegan.

Can vegans smoke nicotine?

But is smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products vegan? Time to stub it out vegans, the answer is no: cigarettes are not vegan.

Is there vegan vape juice?

Vegan vape juices are specially prepared e-liquids without any animal products. The constituents of the e-juice derive from natural plant-based materials. Therefore, the end product or the e-juice does not contain any traces of animal by-products.

Is VG and PG vegan?

E-liquids either have a base of VG or PG. VG is made from plant oils, such as palm or coconut, thus making it vegan-friendly. PG, on the other hand, is made of compounds that come from petroleum. As you may or may not know, petroleum isn't made of anything animal-related.

Can I be vegan and smoke?

Vegans are also allowed to smoke certain cigarettes if they want to. Just because some cigarettes are vegan doesn't make them healthier! So it's best to do without them in order to protect your health and the lives of animals.

Is Juul vegan?

We're pleased to inform you that JUULpods are indeed, vegan.

Is there an all natural vape?

Natural vape juice does exist, but finding 100% organic vape juice might pose a bit of a challenge. The term “organic” relates to products that get produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. The main ingredient in standard e-liquids is a synthetic product -- PG.

Is there organic vaping?

There are 99% organic vape juices out there, manufactured by trusted members of the vape community. Ask around and find out if a company deserves your trust – and your money.

Is there an organic vape?

As of now, there are only two vape juice companies that have earned the USDA certified organic seal – Essence Vapor and Virgin Vapor). If you don't see the USDA organic seal on your bottle, it's most likely not truly organic e-liquid.

Are cartridges vegan?

According to Peta, non-vegan tattoo inks can contain anything from bone char, used to increase pigment, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or insect parts. And for the most part, unless explicitly stated, it should be assumed that tattoo ink is not vegan.

Are Vampire Vapes vegan?

All Vampire Vape e-liquids are vegan-friendly and contain no animal products in their ingredients, they are also cruelty-free, meaning no animals have been harmed in our e-liquid manufacturing process.

Is gold leaf tobacco vegan?

Even if the tobacco that you choose doesn't contain any animal ingredients, smoking tobacco isn't vegan because tobacco is widely tested on animals. Tobacco production is also very harmful to the environment, which goes against the vegan philosophy.

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What Are Vegan-Friendly E-Liquids and Why Do They Matter?

Velvet Cloud works so hard to make our e-liquids of the highest quality with the least amount of negative impact. We know that customers value ethically-produced products, and we're proud to share those values. That's why our e-liquids are cruelty-free and vegan.

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What are Vegan E-Liquids? And Why Use Them?

Vegan e-liquids are special in that they don't contain any animal products whatsoever. Instead, our juices are made with natural, plant-based materials that still convey an incredible flavor.

Why Cruelty-Free?

Every year, an estimated 115 million animals are used in animal testing, with the United States being among the countries that does the most animal testing for products. We take pride in the fact that we're not part of that statistic.

Ingredients Matter

To create the best-possible E-liquids for our customers, we choose the best in ingredients. So not only do we make sure that our products are vegan and cruelty-free, but we also use a plant-based liquid base and we don't add a bunch of synthetic additives.

Charitable Organizations are Important to Us

It's important to us to provide products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and as natural as possible so that all of our customers (vegan or not) can feel good while they're enjoying our e-liquids. Part of our goal is to go beyond just having ethical ingredients and try to make a positive impact in the world at large.

It's Easy to Make the Right Choice with Velvet Cloud

We're all about giving our customers choices: fruity flavors, coffee flavors, plain flavors, and dessert flavors. But we don't want our customers to have to make difficult choices when it comes to quality.

How are artificial flavors made?

Artificial flavors are concocted by a chemist in a laboratory using various chemicals. Natural flavors are also concocted by a chemist in a laboratory using various chemicals, the only difference being that those chemicals are derived from natural sources.

Is it safe to drink bacon flavored e-liquid?

You'd tend to assume that if you just stay away from the bacon flavored e-liquids (yes, they do exist!) and stick to fruit or tobacco flavors you'd be safe but that's not actually true.

Is glycerin a vegan?

Glycerin made from vegetables is called vegetable glycerin and it's totally vegan safe. This is the type that is used in e-liquid manufacture so you shouldn't have to worry about VG in your vape juice.

Can you vape PG?

If you don't want to vape PG, it's easy to find 100% VG vape juice. Just make sure to ask your manufacturer if their VG e-juice really is PG-free because many flavorings come in a base of PG and, knowingly or unknowingly, vape juice manufacturers can end up calling their e-liquid 100% VG when, in fact, it contains PG added with the flavors.

Is propylene glycol a fossil fuel?

Propylene glycol is a petroleum derivative. Technically speaking, unless you subscribe to the abiotic theory of oil, petroleum is is a fossil fuel. That means it was created, through heat, time and pressure, from the fossilized remains primarily of plants but also of some animals, perhaps even dinosaurs.

Is e-liquid vegan?

Many e-liquids are not vegan as the flavorings may contain animal ingredients. According to the FDA, Section 101.22 (a) (1), " The term artificial flavor or artificial flavoring means any substance, the function of which is to impart flavor, which is not derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, ...

Is vape juice vegan?

While you would think that with the same basic constituents found in all vape juice--flavorings, nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and maybe some added color or sweetener or other additives here and there--that most e-liquids would be vegan. However, it's surprising how complex the answer to this simple question turned out to be.

Where do e-liquids come from?

The more standard, natural flavours, for instance fruit flavoured e-liquids, usually come from natural sources . Natural flavouring is derived from plants, fruits and vegetables. The e-liquids which are a little more whacky, for instance cake or custard based flavours, tend to be constructed from chemicals to create the more specific taste.

What happens when you draw on an e-cigarette?

When you draw on your e-cigarette, a special little substance called e-liquid is heated and vapourised, ready to be inhaled by you. Sounds simple enough but, particularly if you are vegan, you’ll naturally want to know exactly what ingredients are being taken into your body during this process.

Is nightshade bad for vegans?

Whilst this is all good news for vegans, there is always a chance chemicals, like PG or those in artificial flavouring, may have been tested on animals.

Is e-liquid vegan friendly?

E-liquids have a base of vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG) or a combination of both: Vegetable glycerine is vegan friendly, produced from plant oils, typically palm oil, soy or coconut oil. Propylene glycol is an organic compound produced from petroleum – it is not made from an animal. E-liquids may also contain distilled water which, ...

When did Anne Hathaway go vegan?

It seems Anne Hathaway first went mostly vegan around 2011, in part because she was trying to lose weight for her role as Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises," per HuffPost. She said she kept up a vegan lifestyle for a few years until she was filming the movie "Interstellar.".

Why did Joe Rogan change her diet?

In a September interview on " The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, she said she changed her diet because of health issues. "I was vegan for a very long time and I've had to introduce fish and omegas into my life because my brain wasn't functioning properly," she said.

Is Liam Hemsworth vegan?

Actor Liam Hemsworth had been following a vegan diet for four years until a health scare in February 2019 had him rethink how he ate. " [In] February of last year I was feeling lethargic. Then I got a kidney stone. It was one of the most painful weeks of my life," he told Men's Health magazine.

Is Derek Hough vegan?

In August 2017, Derek Hough told Us Weekly that he was following a vegan diet and it was "easy" particularly because he lived in Los Angeles, California, an area known for having a lot of plant-based eateries and options.

Is veganism sustainable?

And although there are many celebrities who lead plant-based lifestyles, veganism is certainly not sustainable or practical for everyone. Here are some celebrities who have spoken about changing their vegan diet:

Is Kristen Bell vegetarian?

Kristen Bell is a vegetarian now. Araya Diaz/Getty Images. Per Today, Kristen Bell has been a vegetarian since she was 11 years old and she said she went vegan in 2012 after watching "Forks Over Knives," a documentary examining degenerative diseases and their connection to animal-based and processed foods.

Is Ellen DeGeneres vegan?

Ellen DeGeneres is no longer vegan. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney. Around 2008, controversial talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres switched to a vegan diet for ethical reasons and so she could "have energy," per an interview with Shape magazine in 2010.

Who runs Kai's Virgin Vapor?

Annette Rogers, who runs an e-liquid company called Kai’s Virgin Vapor said: “A lot of people aren’t aware of how many flavors and colors contain components that are derived from animals and even bugs.”.

Where is Rebecca from the Vegan Review?

As we understand that this is a bit of a “tricky” ingredient.”. Rebecca is an aspiring journalist who creates research-driven content for the Vegan Review and the Brunel Times. Originally from Germany, she currently studies journalism at Brunel University in London and has worked at the events arm of the Financial Times.

What are the ingredients in e-liquid?

E-liquid usually contains ingredients such as nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, and occasionally some added sweetener or color. However, popular flavorings such as vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry can also contain animal-derived ingredients such as castoreum. Annette Rogers, who runs an e-liquid company called Kai’s ...

What is the color of e-liquid?

E-liquid colorings can also contain animal-derived components. In fact, some red or pink e-juice colorings come from ground-up beetles. Rogers explained: “Red #4 a dye made of ground-up beetles.

Why are bees used in cigarettes?

Another ingredient that often occurs in cigarettes is castoreum, which is used to enhance a sweet, smoky flavor and can also be found in certain types of perfume and vanilla flavoring. ...

How long did monkeys inhale cigarette smoke?

According to PETA, there is a long history of experiments on animals within this industry in which thousands of lab rats, mice, dogs, and even pregnant monkeys were forced to inhale cigarette smoke daily for weeks or even months. These animals then killed and dissected to study the harm caused by their bodies.

Why are animal models unreliable?

But due to species differences, animal models are an unreliable way of testing the safety of cigarettes in humans and many organizations have been questioning its relevance to human health.

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