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About Us

Vape-FAQ.com is a leading vaping blog and online community for anyone who vapes, or is interested in vaping products. Our mission is to provide the most accurate unbiased information on the market, we do not endorse any specific products or manufacturers.We offer articles that review industry news, interviews with famous vapers and creators of vape juice, reviews on top-notch mods, tanks and more. Vape-FAQ.com also offers a forum section where you can post questions about anything vape related to get answers from members of our community.I was tired of seeing misinformation about vaping everywhere I turned online and I decided to give it a go by starting my own blog! Once I had written it up I reached out to friends who were already into e-cigarettes and they gave me a lot of advice on what would make the site better, so I ran with it! Vaping is way too much fun to get bogged down by all that misinformation anyways!

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