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how to fill up your vape

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How to Fill a Top Fill Vape Tank

  • Step 1.. Unscrew the bottom connector from your tank, and remove the vape coil by gently pulling it out.
  • Step 2.. Drip a few drops of e liquid onto the coil. Gently dousing the coil in e liquid helps extend its lifespan.
  • Step 3.. Unscrew the metal bottom connector to gain access to the tank chamber. Place the tip of your e liquid bottle...

How to refill a vape pod
  1. Remove the pod from the vape battery.
  2. Find the rubber bung that covers the fill port.
  3. Lift up this rubber bung to show the filling hole.
  4. Place the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into the hole.
  5. Tilt the vape pod at a slight angle to prevent air pockets.
  6. Slowly fill the pod with e-liquid.

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How often do you have to refill a vape?

How do you properly smoke a cigarette?

  • Slowly draw vapor into your mouth for a few seconds.
  • Hold the vapor in your closed mouth for a second or two.
  • Open mouth and breathe in the vapor to your lungs (not a “swallow”)
  • Exhale after vapor is in lungs.

How to build a perfect vape?

Make sure they are both USP grade—it will ensure they are clean enough to use for mixing e-juice. Vape juice flavor concentrates – These determine what your juice will ultimately taste like. Make sure you only use concentrates made specifically for vape juice and stay away from stuff like essential oils—and any type of oil in general.

How to get more flavor out of your vape?

  • It allows even heating in the heating chamber.
  • Ground-up herbs result in more flavorful and potent vapors.
  • More vapors will emerge, thus giving rise to bigger clouds.
  • It will reduce waste and preserve potency.
  • Shredded herbs give out a stronger and lasting aroma.
  • It is pretty convenient to use and saves time.

How to put a coil in a vape?

Replaceable coils

  • Soak your vape coil in ethanol, vinegar, or other cleaning agents for a couple of hours
  • Rinse it with running tap water
  • Rinse it again, but with distilled water
  • Expose the open side of the coil with air to force the water out
  • Let it dry until all droplets have evaporated


How full should I fill my vape?

Don't fill your tank to the top when using your e-liquid. Fill it enough so that you can vape as much as you would like with that flavor without getting an dry hit. Run out of juice once, and you'll learn your lesson about dry hits. A safer method is to use a smaller tank.

How do you fill a vape pod?

Simply remove the pod once it's empty, and fill it using the manufacturer's slot and with the dropper of your e-juice bottle. Then give it some time — around 10 minutes is fine — for the wick to become saturated — and replace the pod in the device.

How do I open my vape tank?

0:000:58How To: Open a Tight Vape Tank - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipI had a hard time opening this until I got two rubber bands. And just wrapped them on the two partsMoreI had a hard time opening this until I got two rubber bands. And just wrapped them on the two parts top and bottom there you have to twist and then you twist opposite directions obviously.

Can you vape water in a vape?

Yes, obviously you can vape water since it's a liquid with a low evaporation point… and it won't produce any nasty chemicals.

How to fill up a vape tank?

With the tank open and empty, insert a pipette of your favourite e-liquid and start slowly inserting the vape juice. Make sure you don’t fill up your tank above the fill-line; we don’t want to overdo it!

How to take a vaporizer apart?

The first step is to take your vaporizer apart precisely, while remembering what goes where for later. Unscrew the mouthpiece and the airflow base at the bottom of your device to reveal the coil.

Understanding the Different Types of Vapes

Before you can fill your tank, you’ll need to determine what type of device you have. If you have a cigalike the chances are pretty good you won’t have to worry about refills. Most of these devices utilize pre-filled cartridges that allow for maximum convenience without having to learn how to fill a vape pen with juice.

How Often Will I Need to Refill My Vape Tank?

How often you’ll need to refill depends on a variety of factors that influence juice consumption. Nicotine content, wattage, and even the style of the tank all play a role in how often you need to refill. A low-nicotine, sub-ohm tank at high-wattage will definitely need a steady supply of juice.

Tips to Use Less Vape Juice

Switching to a higher nicotine content can often reduce the need to vape as frequently. It’s important to change your device as well, as a tank designed to output large amounts of vapor will send too much nicotine your way. Too much nicotine can make you ill, so a balance must be found as you explore. Changing styles can also help save juice.

Bottom fill vape tank vs top fill vape tank

Before we start a step-by-step guide, we should mention that there are two types of vape tanks, and their design has a pretty significant influence on the method we will use to refill the e-liquid. Of course, we’re talking about top fill vape tanks and bottom fill vape tanks.

Filling bottom fill vape tank

If your device fills from the bottom, you should check whether you need to completely empty the tank or if it’s possible to add e-liquid while some of it is still in the chamber. Of course, it’s always best to finish your current vape juice and give a tank a quick clean.

Filling top fill vape tank

This type of filling system is unquestionably the most popular one, and it’s no surprise as it’s quick and easy to work. It’s worth mentioning that top fill vape tanks may come in slightly different forms – they can have a screw-off top, twist off, or a sliding lid.

Cleaning the tank

It doesn’t matter if your vape tank is filled from top or bottom – it still needs to be cleaned from time to time. This habit will put a stop to a build-up of e-liquids in the chamber, so be sure to do it regularly. The moment when you’re about to refill your tank is the best one as the device is already empty.

What about a closed pod system?

We should also mention that there are tanks that weren’t even designed to be refilled! We’re talking about closed pod systems. These devices already come filled with vape juices, and when you finish it off, you should simply throw out the used pod and replace it with a new one.

How to fill a vape pen?

Generally, you’re going to remove the cap to your vape pen and slowly, carefully begin put the oil inside. Some oil vape pens are going to be a little different than others depending on the layout of the design and different specs or features. Make sure you are looking at the product info before you purchase it.

What is a vape pen?

First things first, the term ‘vape pen’ is a bit generic. There are all kinds of vape pens. Some vape pens such as a dry herb vaporizer, wax pen, and oil pens (pre-filled and reusable, empty ones) and this will all affect how you fill your vape pen. Not to mention, not all vape pens have the same styles or features, ...

How to use a dabber for vaping?

Use a dabber to load the wax coils but NEVER poke the coils directly and try to avoid contact at all costs. Just gently push the ball of wax towards the coil and the heat should do the rest while you are vaping. In addition, you will want to make sure you don’t overpack your wax pen.

Why is a glass globe vape pen more sensitive to damage?

For example, a glass globe vape pen might be more sensitive to damage because of the, well glass globe that can shatter if bumped the wrong way.

Can you overpack a vape pen?

In addition, you will want to make sure you don’t overpack your wax pen. This will cause it to strain and could contribute to the vape pen burning out, and in either case, over-packed coils will overflow when the wax bubbles-up from the heat produced by the coil.

Do all vape pens have the same features?

Not to mention, not all vape pens have the same styles or features, and many will differ in how they are entirely set up to begin with, even if the most basic science behind them is the same. For example, when thinking about loading a wax pen vs a dry herb pen you have to keep a few things in mind.

Can you fill a vape pen with liquid?

This article has instructions for filling all types of vaporizers. Learn how to fill a vape pen with liquids, wax or dry herbs, easily and efficiently. A vape session starts at the packing so we offer some great tips for the best vaping experience possible.

How to fill a syringe with a battery?

Fill your syringe and gently push the syringe tip into the cartridge and fill it to the top, or where you find the max fill line . It is recommended that you leave the cartridge attached to your battery to help hold onto it better while refilling.

How to refill a cartridge?

Refilling your vape cartridge is a simple 3 step process involving a syringe. Start with choosing your favorite oil or distillate. There are many options you can choose from; if you want, you can make your own oils or use a pre-filled distillate syringe from the cannabis dispensary. After selecting the product that is right for you, it is time to start filling the cartridge

How much oil can a cartridge hold?

Even though you will find the max fill line on the cartridge, but if you do not always remember that most cartridges are designed to hold 1 gram or 0.5 grams of oil or e-juice.

How to get thread out of a cartridge?

Open the cartridge up, and you can do so by twisting it counterclockwise until it is fully detached. You might have to twist it two or three full rotations to free the thread holding it in its place.

Is vaping pens a good alternative to smoking?

Vape pens are known to be an incredible alternative to smoking. Making refillable cartridges is a great step towards a cleaner environment. Most vape users have a history of using an e-cigarette. Thus, a lot of them are only familiar with disposable cartridges.

Is it cheaper to refill a vape pens?

Refilling vape pens are becoming more and more popular by the day. People find it cost-effective especially became the oil is much cheaper than buying a new cartridge, and you can use the oil over a long period of time.

Can you refill a vape pen?

While you can start your vaping journey with pre-filled oiled cartridges, refilling your own vape pen not only helps you cut cost in the long run , but it is an easier-to-keep alternative while giving more control to you over your vape experience.

How to know if a vape is easier to refill?

Any vape is easier to refill when you know how it opens and how it is meant to be loaded. Take a close look at the tank and examine the pieces.

How to fill a vape with no access hatch?

If there is no access hatch, your vape may be designed to fill with the top removed. Twist off the drip tip top of the vape pen until you find where you can load the tank. Look for the plastic ring with the oval opening.

How to open drip tip on vape?

If your vape tank is a top filler, the drip tip piece may be built to swivel open with the flick of a thumb or opening of a latch. this can make it quick and easy to refill on the go once you know what you're doing. Take a quick look to find out if this exists on your vape model. The oval opening should be right below if you succeed.

How to stop vape drips?

If there is a fill latch on top of your vape, between the tank and the drip tip, flip this open now. Use force if there is a button, but do not wrench it too far open. Usually, these swivel a certain distance, then stop.

What is the oval opening on a unicorn vape?

The oval opening in top fill vapes is designed to direct your unicorn tip to the correct place. But even without it, all you have to do is try to get the liquid to flow down the side of the glass. Be careful not to over-fill your vape. Many tanks have fill lines. If yours doesn't, stop before the tank is 3/4 full.

How to tell if a tank is top filling?

Often, you can tell a top filler because between the drip-tip and the tank will be a plastic ring layer with an oval opening, that oval is where the tank would like you to fill it. Bottom fill tanks are becoming more common and will need to be flipped upside down to load.

Can you vape with a freshly filled tank?

Now you are free to vape your freshly filled tank. For more great vape tips from the Velvet Crowd crew, contact us today or just keep reading the blog!

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