" " Queen City Hemp Vape Pen Who Makes Vape Pen


queen city hemp vape pen who makes vape pen

by Imani Fadel Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

Know your vape pen

There are different substances to vape, such as oils, herbs, and wax. The ways you clean your herb vape pen varies from the way you clean your wax vape pen. It is because these materials form different residues on the pen.

1. How to clean a dry herb vaporizer

It is the easiest to clean because there is no sticky residue from concentrated liquids or wax in the chamber. Besides, it has fewer parts, i.e., the battery, mouthpiece, screen, and the heating chamber. Here’s how to clean it:

2. How to clean an oil or wax vape pen

Cleaning it is a bit challenging because the sticky wax or oil concentrates solidify upon cooling. Here are steps you can follow in cleaning this type of vape pen:


Cleaning and keeping your vape coil is a sure way to extend the life of your vapor pen. Additionally, it ensures no compromise on the quality of vaping

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