" " Dank Vape Carts Why So Many Different Boxes


dank vape carts why so many different boxes

by Prof. Russell Kertzmann Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Are all Dank Vapes carts the same?

Aug 29, 2019 · Real Dank Vapes official. Dank vapes are THC vape cartridges with cannabis extricated oil within it, they additionally pass by the order names such as Dank cartridges. The hash oil is a distillate remove that has 90 or more percent of THC substance as indicated by the flavor of the Dank vapes. This isn’t a brand with any central command or ...

Did Dank Vapes change their packaging?

For example, one seller under the username “baby_apparel” has sold a total of 8,270 Dank Vapes-branded boxes between September 1 and September …

How to tell if your Dank Vapes cartridges are real?

Jun 14, 2019 · Many Dank Vapes online reviews claim they received an unpleasant experience from their Dank Vapes cartridges. From headaches to issues with potency, it’s evident that not all Dank Vapes carts are equal. There’s an increasing demand from people who don’t live in states where cannabis is legal. This situation is affecting everyone in the ...

Are vape carts dangerous?

Dec 21, 2018 · Fake Dank Vapes Step 4: The real Dank carts have a press on clear top mouth piece, not screw in. The type of mouthpiece the cartridge uses will help determine if it is a real or fake Dank Vapes. Dank Vapes with a ceramic mouthpiece are fakes. You will not find any of those types of Dank Vapes carts shown on their official Instagram page.


How can I tell if my dank vape cartridge is real?

The type of oil found in Dank Vapes carts is of the darker variety. Not the dark orange look now found on Stiiizy pods, but a darker yellow. Light yellow oil like the cartridge pictured below is most likely going to be a fake. Look for the thin, light colored oil to identify fakes.

Are all dank Vapes counterfeit?

In the words of an October CDC report, Dank Vapes is not a real company, but “the most prominent in a class of largely counterfeit brands, with common packaging that is easily available online.” Dank Vapes is not the only black market product that have made people sick, but it is most commonly used product.Nov 15, 2019

Why is my cart different colors?

Most of the time, cart oil changing color is a sign that the oil is losing its potency. THC and THCA may degrade into to CBN or delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC has a decreased psychoactive effect while CBN does next to nothing at all. This process is most commonly caused by sunlight and oxydization.

Is dank vape a real company?

The suspect Dank vapes are a familiar product in the underground cannabis economy. It's not a legal, tested brand. It's not even a product brand at all. It's merely a name on a box or a cartridge, packaging that's easily obtained online and used by illicity producers to lure customers.Oct 4, 2019

Do dank Vapes get you high?

Dank Vapes VS Mario Carts

First off, Mario carts claim that they are 83-87% THC, but a recent test shows THC coming in at 69.35%. Dank Vapes may not have any test results, but I can tell you that it feels well over 70% THC. Second, the taste is just too good that I will much prefer Dank Vapes.

Are dank carts good?

Dank Vapes contained pesticides either way

Dank tested positive in at least 5 types of pesticides on this test. Test results came in at 65% total THC, showing no foreign materials, pests, mold or fungus for Dank Vapes.

Why is my DAB cart 2 different colors?

A change in color does not mean a compromise in oil quality, but a natural chemical reaction to time, heat, and sun exposure. Each time you use your vape, you are exposing the oil to heat and oxygen: two elements that make oxidation happen, which is the prime contributor to the natural darkening process.Jan 10, 2018

What color should dab cart be?

light golden-yellow
A light golden-yellow to a nearly clear gold in color is a sign of the highest quality vape liquid. The concentrate should also be thick like olive oil or perhaps slightly more. There are some telltale signs that a cartridge is not made well.

Why are some carts darker than others?

Every time you vape, the oil is subject to the application of heat and oxygen which leads to the oxidation process. This causes a change in the color of the oil. The older the vape oil, the more likely it has gone through the oxidation process and the darker the oil.May 24, 2021

Why do people use Dank vapes?

First of all, Dank Vapes targets younger people who don’t have easy access to a dispensary. Perhaps they live too far from a dispensary or cannabis products are illegal in their state.

How much THC is in Dank vapes?

The THC percentage printed on Dank Vapes is often over 90% and very attractive for customers with a high tolerance.

How old do you have to be to use a dank vape?

The legal age to purchase or use cannabis products recreationally is 21 and older. We think that Dank Vapes carts are an attractive option for anyone under 21. This goes back to the point that Dank Vapes packaging targets the younger generation.

Why do dealers put THC in their oil?

Dealers often lace their oil with these chemicals for a couple of reasons. The first reason would be to make more profit. The less THC oil that’s actually in the cartridge, the more money the dealer makes.

Does a prefilled vape cartridge contain K2?

It’s not very common that prefilled vape cartridges on the black market contain K2. Pesticides and other impurities are an issue that’s way more widespread.

Does Dank vape have pesticides?

Dank Vape Pesticides. Proof there is pesticides inside of Dank vapes cartridges. Many of these fake carts contain pesticides because a street dealer is not going to spend money to test the products they sell adequately. Some carts have been reported to contain synthetic oils like K2 in them.

Can you find fake Dank vapes?

Fake Dank Vapes Cartridges Sold Online. You won’t be able to find Dank Vapes carts in a licensed dispensary because they’re only available on the black market. If a dispensary carries this brand, you can be sure that the dispensary is illegal.

Who makes Dank vapes?

The original Dank Vapes is alleged to have been made by Dankwoods, originally known for using Backwoods cigars to make blunts. Dank Vapes now has packaging showing up on various sites. You can now find packaging for Dank Vapes on Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and other sites.

What is a Dank cartridge?

A Dank Vape is a fake cartridge printed in China. They are made to look like they are part of a brand called Dank Vapes, but the brand is fake. Empty versions of Dank cartridges are sold on Alibaba and DHgate. They are then filled by THC oil producers, often cut with less than desirable ingredients.

What are the side effects of Dank Vapes?

We looked up the side effects and Bifenthrin seems to have the worst. According to Toxnet, side effects can include dizziness, spasms, tremors and numbness. But really all this stuff you don’t want to hit in your vape cart.

What type of oil is in Dank vapes?

The type of oil found in Dank Vapes carts is of the darker variety. Not the dark orange look now found on Stiiizy pods, but a darker yellow. Light yellow oil like the cartridge pictured below is most likely going to be a fake.

What is the difference between fake Dank and real Dank?

Although it’s hard to tell, the fake Dank Vapes has a lighter color package and the metal bar is thicker.

How to tell if a ccell cartridge is fake?

Fake CCELLs are surprisingly easy to catch, just check the logo on the bottom and compare it to the picture below. Got the stretched out CCELL lettering? Then your cartridge is a fake.

Is Dank Vapes real?

The type of mouthpiece the cartridge uses will help determine if it is a real or fake Dank Vapes. Dank Vapes with a ceramic mouthpiece are fakes. You will not find any of those types of Dank Vapes carts shown on their official Instagram page. Dank Vapes only uses clear top, round mouthpieces on their cartridge hardware.

Who called Dank Vapes?

NBC called out Dank Vapes by name, and @DankVapesOil has defended their turf. Twitter

How to tell if Dank vapes are clean?

The only way to tell if a product is really clean is to get results from a cannabis testing lab. But because Dank Vapes isn’t a legally licensed brand, it is not overseen by the government, which demands rigorous testing in California. That’s why hallinsco, the podcaster, decided to avoid them, despite their cool flavors and cheap prices.

How many followers does Dank Vapes have?

On Instagram, there are at least 22 accounts under the name Dank Vapes. One of them, the purported “real” Dank Vapes account, is @dankvapesla, which has almost 48,000 followers. (@dankvapesla did not respond to Inverse ’s request for comment.)

What is the biggest conspiracy in pot?

Dank Vapes Is the "Biggest Conspiracy" in Pot That Can Put You in a Coma. Patrick DeGrave’s brother was still in a medically induced coma in a Wisconsin hospital when he spoke to the local news. Standing before a crew from FOX 6 Milwaukee, he was ready to go public, and the vaporizer cartridge he held up for the cameras was ...

What flavor of Dank is the real Dank?

There was also the “Rose Gold” flavor — the one that supposedly put DeGrave’s brother in the hospital. That word “counterfeiter” implies that somewhere out there, there’s the “real” Dank Vapes who are being repeatedly ripped off. But there is no one person who can truly claim that title, at least legally.

What are the flavors in Dank Vapes?

A typical Dank Vapes box has holographic images sporting cartoon characters and flavors like “Fruity Pebbles,” “Mars OG,” and “Chemdog.” Each would be equally at home in a head shop or a teenager’s bedroom.

What is the fungicide in Dank Vape?

On June 18, Doja’s Instagram and Facebook accounts ran a photo of a Dank Vape packaging alongside a test result from BelCosta Labs showing that it tested positive for the fungicide fenhexamid. That Dank Vape was taken off a high school kid in Southern California.

What cartridges do Dank vapes use?

Dank vapes use authentic CCELL cartridges, specifically designed for thicker oil. This allows for more efficient and tasteful hits with the right batter mod. The unfortunate part is that the black market is still popular on Dank Vapes and fake CCELL cartridges. With fake CCELL’s, they carry a weak atomizers. This gives light and unpleasant hits, sometimes this causes the oil to leak.

Is Dank vape positive or negative?

There are various lab results out for both brands, some testing positive and others testing negative. But for the most part, Dank Vapes and Exotic Carts both have negative results out, containing a few pesticides. The most recent results of the two came out around December of 2018. Because this is before both companies updated their packaging, hopefully they follow with updating their lab tests soon.

How to avoid dangerous vape carts?

When it comes to avoiding dangerous vape carts, the number one piece of advice we heard from the experts was to avoid the illicit market.

What percentage of THC is in a vape?

Look for red flags on test results, as well. Do the numbers add up? Are there any particularly low THC percentages? According to Miller, anything below 60% THC in a vape cartridge is likely cut with some other material. Exceptionally high numbers like 99.9% THC should also be approached with suspicion.

How to tell if a product is real?

One way to spot the real item: Look for state-mandated packaging icons like California’s THC warning sign. If the labeling doesn’t match the required packaging standards, that’s an indication that the product might have come from an illicit manufacturer, and isn’t subject to the state’s purity and potency safeguards.

What to do if you think something is off with your tank?

Beyond all these suggestions, if you think something is off with your tank, trust your instincts and stop using it . As Stower points out: “Most of these diluents are tasteless, odorless, and colorless, which makes them almost impossible to detect without lab analysis.” Taste or smell alone often won’t alert you, but sometimes it will. If something smells or tastes wrong, don’t take the risk.

How many people died from vaping in 2019?

Emily Earlenbaugh September 19, 2019. This year’s alarming wave of vaping-associated pulmonary injury has already made up to 530 people sick and killed as many as six people. If you use disposable vaporizer cartridges, how can you make sure that the one you’re puffing on is safe? This is a fake. Click to enlarge.

Is avoiding diluents a good precaution?

California Department of Public Health officials state that the cause of these illnesses are still not known, but avoiding these diluents might be a good precaution to take while things are being sorted out. Experts have had concerns about them for a long time.

Can you use Leafly to find dispensaries?

This is already a noted problem in Los Angeles, where unlicensed shops are particularly prevalent. You can also use Leafly’s store finder to locate licensed dispensaries in your area. Leafly only lists licensed stores and dispensaries, while other sites may list illicit market shops.

What does a real cart taste like?

Real carts will usually have a sweet or tart taste to it. If it leaves a bad soapy taste (like you just drunk dishwater) then you got a fake

What is a ccell cartridge?

CCell (brand of cartridges) , a batch/serial number beginning with CA followed by 3 numbers, and a K. If those three things aren't on the bottom, it's not real. Finally, if your cartridge can be unscrewed at the top, or for some reason seems like it can be very easily taken apart, it's not real.

Do fake oil cartridges have the print on the bottom?

I am just became aware that some of the fake ones do indeed have the print on the bottom of the cartridge. The real ones are very clear and detailed, the fake ones are bolder and not as sharp. Other things to look out for is a thicker than average post that goes up to the mouthpiece, and if the oil is unusually dark and has a weird flavor. Almost all of the legit ones have a clearish gold oil as well.

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