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dads who vape rob delaney

by Claudine Hirthe Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

What happened to Rob Delaney son Henry?

When Rob Delaney lost his two-year-old son Henry to brain cancer in 2018, he became a member of a club no parent wants to join. Now, the BAFTA-winning actor and comedian is penning a poignant memoir about his experience — and grief-filled journey in the aftermath of Henry’s death — to help others.

Who is Rob Delaney and has he had a vasectomy?

Rob Delaney has had a vasectomy after he and his wife went through an 'insane six years of being pregnant and breastfeeding, and sometimes doing those things while caring for a dying child'.

What happened to Henry Delaney’s family in ‘a heart that works?

A Heart That Works will trace the journey of Delaney’s family (including his wife, Leah, and two older sons) as they left their hometown of Los Angeles for London, experiencing the shock of his newly-heightened fame (thanks to the Amazon Prime series’ success) alongside the devastation of Henry’s brain tumor diagnosis.

When is Rob Delaney’s a heart that works coming out?

Spiegel & Grau has acquired North American rights to A Heart That Works, a memoir by actor Rob Delaney, from Meredith Miller at United Talent Agency, working in partnership with Avalon. A Heart That Works will be published in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook, read by the author, on November 29.

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'I am sad sometimes that I won’t get Leah pregnant again. Our youngest recently turned two and it hurts to think that we won’t make more chunky little nuggets together.

What is a vasectomy and what are the risks?

A vasectomy, or male sterilisation, is a procedure to cut the tubes that carry a man's sperm to permanently prevent pregnancy without further contraception.

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